Mikko – 2011-12 Hastings Blue Mites

Thanks for finding your way to Mini-Sticks for Mikko!  Make sure you check out Light The Lamp for Mikko too!  We’re hard at work for a benefit for the Gegen family!


John “Mikko” Gegen is completely and totally obsessed with hockey.  That doesn’t necessarily set him apart from any other 5 year old growing up in Hastings, Minnesota, but Mikko has recently been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.

Instead of spending the coming months sharpening skates and preparing for another season of Mite hockey, Mikko faces several rounds of chemotherapy, countless doctors appointments and medical procedures that are “less than fun” at any age, let alone that of a little guy.

“Mini-Sticks for Mikko” was established in the hopes of giving Mikko (and his brothers, because they are in this fight too) something to look forward to in the coming months!

The Gegen Brothers: Jeffrey (L), Mikko (C) and Michael (R)

How can you help?  Send a Mini-Hockey Stick to Mikko!  Our hope is that mini-sticks from around the globe will find their way to Mikko!  Pro-Sticks, College Sticks, Special Event sticks!  Whatever you choose!  Just know that with every stick, you’ll not only be sending a stick and a smile to Mikko, but also a reminder to Mikko and his family that they are not in this fight alone!

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