Good Stuff Happening!

John “Mikko” Gegen

It’s been a great week for Mini-Sticks for Mikko! More sticks arrived at The Defending the Blue Line office this week, so we were able to make our second delivery!  Mikko is currently in the hospital for a round of chemotherapy, but he’ll have some fantastic sticks waiting for him at home once he’s out!  We’re so grateful for the generous donations!

More and more people are talking about the project and spreading the word!  New York Ranger fan, Stefanie Gordon, shared the story about Mini-Sticks for Mikko in her Not Your Typical Girl blog, and in turn, Greg Wyshynkski of Yahoo Sports’ Puck Daddy mentioned the project in a story he did about Stefanie’s trip from LGA to Newark for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals!  Hockey fans across the country are showing their support to Mikko and the Gegens!  So awesome!

A BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to Juddah!  He read Stefanie’s story and gave her 13 sticks to donate the project, she’ll be bringing them into Foley’s NY this week, and they’ll be on their way to Minnesota soon!

(If you’re keeping up with Mikko on his Caring Bridge page, you’ll find that the sticks are being put to good use, and that his mom is becoming quite the Minnesota Wild goalie!  They might have to sign her up!)

Don’t let it stop here!  Keep spreading the word about Mini-Sticks for Mikko!

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Mikko With His First Sticks!

Mikko with the first delivery of sticks!

Thanks to YOUR generosity, we were able to make the first delivery of sticks last week!  Looks like they are already being put to good use!  Keep the sticks coming!

Also a big thanks to Stef with Not Your Typical Girl for helping to get the word out!

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Feeling The Love From The East Coast!

Donated Sticks

A person dropped off these sticks to Foley’s NY in NYC

Wow!  Check this out, a person stopped by Foley’s NY Pub & Restaurant today with 6 sticks and a Minnesota North Star puck today for Mikko!  Keep that location in mind if you are in the Big Apple!

And speaking of Foley’s NY, the official NYC Pittsburgh Penguins Meetup Group is getting together there tonight to watch some playoff hockey, and they’ve encouraged their members to bring in sticks for Mikko!  Their whole group has been extremely supportive of the project!  Thanks guys!!

Keep the sticks coming in!

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Sticks have arrived!

Penguins Mini-Sticks on from @wendbish! Thanks!

Word from the Defending The Blue Line office is that sticks are starting to arrive!  The support for the project has been so amazing so far, and we can’t wait to deliver the sticks to Mikko!  The poor little guy has had a rough couple of days, so we’re making arrangements to get him  the sticks that have come in later this week!

A Wild stick and a bonus Swarm LAX stick! Thanks @ReynoldsSBN!

Keep the sticks coming in!  You are all amazing!

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NYC In-Person Drop-Off Locale Added

Foley’s NY Pub  & Restaurant

Hooray!  A new in person drop-off location has been added!  The fine folks from Foley’s NY Pub and Restaurant in NYC have agreed to accept sticks donated to the Mini Sticks for Mikko project, and have volunteered to incur any costs connected with getting the sticks to Minnesota!  How awesome is that!

They are great promoters of hockey, a family friendly location and are conveniently located in midtown Manhattan!  Plus, they house one of NYC’s largest sports memorabilia collections, including some awesome NHL stuff, so stop in and drop off a stick if you are in or near the Big Apple!

Foley’s NY Hockey Memorabilia

Here is where you can find Foley’s NY:

18 W 33rd St (Between 5th & 6th Avenue)

New York, NY 10001


They are right across the street from the Empire State Building!  Look for Foley’s NY on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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Another Great Day!


Mikko Gegen

It’s safe to say that Mini-Sticks for Mikko is off to a fantastic start!  The response has been amazing, particularly from from the hockey community.  We’re so grateful for the assistance in spreading the word.

Today there were mentions of this project in some SB Nation blogs including, Silver Seven by Peter Raaymakers, The Cannon by Matt Wagner, and Winging It In Motown by Jeff Hancock.  There was also a mention by Hockeysaurus.  So awesome!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As Mikko’s Caring Bridge page indicated, he had a bit of a rough day, so please keep him in your thoughts tonight!

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A GREAT first day!

Wow!  What a great response after just one day!  So many people reached out in support of Mini-Sticks for Mikko!  There has already been response across the United States, Canada and even Europe!  Not that there was any doubt, but clearly the hockey community is a community that cares.

A very special thank you needs to go out to Brian Reynolds with Hockey Wilderness, he wrote an awesome article about the project and it went out to the rest of SB Nation, which no doubt accounted for the quick response.  We are SO VERY GRATEFUL!

For those of you that are Minnesota Wild fans, and hockey fans in general, Hockey Wilderness is a must read!  You’ll want to follow Brian on Twitter as well, as a long time follower, I can assure you, he never disappoints!

Please continue to spread the word!  We can’t wait to see some sticks come in, and most importantly give them to Mikko and his brothers!

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