Good Stuff Happening!

John “Mikko” Gegen

It’s been a great week for Mini-Sticks for Mikko! More sticks arrived at The Defending the Blue Line office this week, so we were able to make our second delivery!  Mikko is currently in the hospital for a round of chemotherapy, but he’ll have some fantastic sticks waiting for him at home once he’s out!  We’re so grateful for the generous donations!

More and more people are talking about the project and spreading the word!  New York Ranger fan, Stefanie Gordon, shared the story about Mini-Sticks for Mikko in her Not Your Typical Girl blog, and in turn, Greg Wyshynkski of Yahoo Sports’ Puck Daddy mentioned the project in a story he did about Stefanie’s trip from LGA to Newark for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals!  Hockey fans across the country are showing their support to Mikko and the Gegens!  So awesome!

A BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to Juddah!  He read Stefanie’s story and gave her 13 sticks to donate the project, she’ll be bringing them into Foley’s NY this week, and they’ll be on their way to Minnesota soon!

(If you’re keeping up with Mikko on his Caring Bridge page, you’ll find that the sticks are being put to good use, and that his mom is becoming quite the Minnesota Wild goalie!  They might have to sign her up!)

Don’t let it stop here!  Keep spreading the word about Mini-Sticks for Mikko!

Dangle. Snipe. Celly.


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