More Sticks for Mikko!

Mini-Sticks For Mikko

Here’s Mikko with one of the sticks donated on June 20, 2012!  Keep them coming!

Check out the sticks that Mikko got on June 20!  Following an appearance on the What’s Brewin’ podcast with George Brew, Launy Schwartz, of worked a bunch of connections and was responsible for most of the sticks in this batch.  We couldn’t be more grateful!  He and George both have been HUGE supporters of the project, and the sticks coming in have been fantastic!

Mikko picked up the latest batch of sticks when he attended the Defending The Blue Line NHL Charity game.  He was a special guest of the organization, and enjoyed a suite at the game with some of his buddies!  He had a great night!  Thanks again to Shane Hudella and company at DTBL for providing the tickets!  Mikko enjoyed the visit to the DTBL office too!  Lots of fun stuff for a little hockey fan to look at!

Keep Mikko and his family in mind as he heads back to the hospital today for yet another tough round of chemo.  Fingers crossed that the side effects are minimal.

The hockey season may be over, but we still need your help in spreading the word about the project!  Keep the sticks coming in!  We have an exciting hockey season to look forward to in Minnesota, thanks to a couple of big moves! Hopefully Mikko will have lots to celebrate this season at the Xcel Energy Center!

Dangle. Snipe. Celly.


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