Some Special Sticks

Karis Volk

Here is Karis with the stick for Mikko! Thanks Karis! What a sweet thing to do!

Mikko received a couple of really special sticks this week!  If you follow his Caring Bridge page, you may have read that a couple of months ago, he and his family were guests at Total Hockey in Burnsville.  It was a great night for all involved.  It was there that Mikko met Karis Volk, who’s dad just happens to be friends with the BIG Mikko (Mikko Koivu of the Minnesota Wild) and they arranged to get a stick signed by him!  How awesome is that?!

Thanks you Karis!  What a great gesture!  Mikko and his family are very touched at your generosity and kind heart!

Here’s the stick signed by Mikko Koivu!

Mikko also received a Minnesota Gopher stick signed by former Gopher coach, Doug Woog!  Ski-U-Mah!

A Minnesota Gopher stick signed by Doug Woog!

Thanks to each of you that are keeping Mikko in your thoughts!

As youth hockey season starts back up…. keep your eyes open for sticks that are give aways or sold at tournaments as keepsakes.  Perhaps the tournament directors would be willing to donate one to Mikko!  Doesn’t hurt to ask!

Dangle. Snipe. Celly.


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