Fox9 News story on the Gegens!

Fox 9 Screen ShotYou may have heard that Mikko and his family have been selected by the Minnesota Wild to help raise money for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota at their “Wild About Children” benefit! They couldn’t be more excited! This event has raised over $800,000 over the years for Children’s. So awesome! In advance of the benefit Fox 9 News sent a crew down to get to know them a little bit better! Click here to watch the clip!

A great piece highlighting an amazing family in this battle of a lifetime!  After it aired, Shelly did want people to know that John continues his battle with cancer… there is still work to be done!  Here is her Caring Bridge entry explaining where they are in the process.

FOX 9 News spent a good deal of time with our family this morning. Scott Wasserman and the cameraman (Nice guy…can’t remember his name) along with Erin, the representative from Children’s, were all wonderful. Scott did everything but stand on his head to try and get Mikko to talk. Jon and I thought the story turned out well, but there are a few things that I would like to clarify. Is it important….to me it is so here it is:

1. Mikko has not beat cancer….yet! He continues the fight and that is why he is returning to Children’s tomorrow to begin the next antibody treatment. He still has work to do. I did say that the doctors don’t see any cancer in Mikko right now, but I also said that he continues treatment because there could be cancer there that all the tests and scans can not detect. I also said I don’t think that with Neuroblastoma you are considered cancer free…Mikko is NED right now..No Evidence of Disease..and I think that’s the best you can be in the world of Stage IV Neuroblastoma
When I brought up the fact that it was mentioned several times that Mikko beat cancer, what did Jon say, “That’s ok”. He hasn’t figured out after all these years that response doesn’t settle my nerves…It just revs me up (“What? It is not ok! BLah, blah, blah!!)  He even said it himself at the end, “Hope…that it can be beat)…because that is so much what we want! We have to believe it can be beat, we have to hope…so we can fight on, but Mikko’s not done yet. He still has work to do with 2 more antibody treatments and accutane. Then there is the whole “Do we go for another clinical trial to keep the crap away”…
2. Prognosis? When I was asked what Mikko’s prognosis was part of my response was included “He’s thriving, energetic.” all that good stuff, but I also added that we have learned to live one day at a time, that in life, all life but especially one with neuroblastoma…you never know what tomorrow may bring.
The story was great! Mikko sat quietly on my lap and watched it and watched and watched it(DVR). The boys made fun of their dad..It was a very positive piece. So why do I feel the need to clarify on those few topics? Because…I know we still have a good deal of work to do, I don’t want to jinx how well everything is going with being prematurely optimistic and most of all I don’t want to offend the other parents and children in the middle of their own neuroblastoma battles! I would never say he beat it when he wasn’t even done with his treatment yet.
Whatever right?! I do not mean any disrespect to FOX 9 because they were kind and did a super job of getting Mikko’s story out there and promoting the Wild About Children event. I know the Gegens are Wild about the MN Wild and especially wild about Children’s Hospital and Clinics. They have brought our little boy so far in the past 10 months! When I look back and think of all he has endured or battled through, it doesn’t even seem possible. They gave Mikko the best of the best in doctors, nurses,  medicine. Children’s has given our family hope that one day Mikko will beat this, or whatever they call “beating it” in the crazy world of neuroblastoma.
Love, Hope & Blessings,

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