Where’s the Pizza?

A happy, happy post from the Gegens! Things are good!

The Gegen Five

On big appointment days at Children’s Minneapolis,  our routine had been to stop in St. Paul at Cossetta’s on our way home. The other day John asked me why we haven’t been to there in so long. I told him it was because he hasn’t had any doctor appointments. This was met with a huge eye roll and then he was on his way.

No doctor, monthly blood work, no exams, no scans…since April! This summer is the first summer in 4 years that hasn’t involved doctor appointments, medication and scanxiety . This is the first summer in 4 years that I have a feeling of peace in both my mind and heart. Oh, I still worry, but it is not a worry that consumes my everyday and all of my thoughts. John is in such a good place. He’s happy, healthy, feisty and active. Looking at him no one would ever know…

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